Battle of the Burritos – College St. Edition.

Anywhere you go in the world right now you can be sure that Mexican food is slowly taking over in its own oversized way. The Tee-Dot is no different and Little Italy has become the battleground for two establishments in particular – Burro Burrito (655 College St.) and Burrito Boyz (575 College St.). How do you choose between the two? You go through each part of the experience one step at a time, of course.

pulled-pork-burritoThe Wrap

Burrito Boyz give buyers the simple choice between whole-wheat and white. Burro Burrito’s choice is a veritable rainbow of colourful wraps that make it feel like what you’re eating will be something sweet when it’s in fact something else entirely. Garden Vegetable at Burro Burrito is hard to beat.

Burro 1-0 Boyz

The Meat

For the carnivores it’s only ever going to be Burro Burrito. Cochinita Pulled Pork, Tinga Chicken, Marinated Beef, and Chorizo con Papas will have anyone reading this drooling in anticpation of a visit. Burrito Boyz, meanwhile, can’t even offer Pulled Pork! Although, what they lack in the pork department is more than made up for in the seafood stakes. Still, Burro Burrito takes this one by a sizeable margin.

Burro 2-0 Boyz


The Spice

Each restaurant comes out dead even in the toppings department and spice is the only place a comparison can be made. Burro Burrito gives you the kind of heat usually reserved for an end of night kebab or chicken vindaloo. For those that enjoy spice it’ll be heaven. Otherwise it’s best sticking to Burrito Boyz. Their heat  is more emblematic of a British summer than anything else.

Burro 3-0 Boyz

The Price

When it comes to value for money there’s no-one getting close to Burrito Boyz. Their small burrito, which is ample for anyone on a lunch or dinner, is just over half the price of Burro Burrito’s over $10 offering. Is it twice as good? Probably not. You’re paying for the more authentic burrito though.

Burro 3-1 Boyz

And the winner is…

Burro Burrito. Although if you’re on a tight budget, Burrito Boyz will definitely be a more sensible choice.


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