Interview with The Hype Theory

the-hype-theory-001JH: Anyone that doesn’t know you, how did The Hype Theory come into being?

THT: We all met at uni in 2010 and decided to form a band because we were all into the same kind of music and wanted to give it a shot.

JH: Are there plans to enter the studio again soon?

THT: We have recently been in the studio recording a brand new single which will be from our second album, you can expect to hear new music at the end of the year and have a brand new album out early next year.

JH: Who are your main influences?

THT: We are mainly influenced by bands like Jimmy Eat WorldFall Out BoyMayday Parade,Cartel etc

JH: Why did you decide to start playing music?

THT: We have always played music as individuals and were all drawn to the whole life style of being in a band, life on the road and playing music that we love to different people every night.

JH: Are you playing any festivals this summer?

THT: We are playing a few small local festivals this year and then heading out to Japan for a summer tour which we are all really excited about.

JH: What’s the most interesting live experience that you guys have had?

THT: We have had many interesting experiences on stage from people falling into drum kits and having to try and play a song with the kit rolling around the stage, smashing guitars on ceiling and falling over and playing songs on the floor, all unintentionally might I add.

JH: Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

THT: Still doing what we love hopefully, playing to bigger crowds and playing with bands that we look up to.

JH: What’s your biggest ambition?

THT: Being able to play on the main stage at any of the major alternative/rock festivals is a massive ambition of ours, to see a sea of people all knowing our songs and singing them back to us.

JH: What’s the best thing to ever come out of Essex?

THT: Us obviously, silly question!


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