Should England be renamed FC Milner?

james-milner_1521161c1.     England are increasingly being personified by James Milner.

Watching the current crop of England players shows you just how much like James Milner the entire team is.


Good, without being amazing

Everyone now coming round to the truth that we’ll never be awe-inspiring or a world-beater.

Take a bow FC Milner.

2.     Hart’s metamorphism into a ‘proper’ England goalie.

Make no bones about it – Joe Hart is now a proper England goalkeeper. Last night he almost had a Robbo moment. He’s starting making errors that were almost non-existent last season, and worst of all is his distribution. Sitting back on a goal lead is exactly the time that Hart should be comfortably putting the ball to a teammate from a kick. Instead, it continued to go out of play or to the opponents thus putting England firmly on the back foot once again.

Oh…and here’s Robbo…

3.     We’re experiencing a fallow period for centre-halves

This was always going to happen and having to resort to a pairing of Joleon Lescott and Chris Smalling confirms that centre back is now our problem position. With all the available players fi,t the best pairing is probably two of Gary Cahill, Michael Dawson and Phil Jagielka. Compare that to the partnerships that have controlled the past 10+ years of Terry-Ferdinand and Ferdinand-Campbell. Then you realise the parlous state of affairs the centre of defence is in.

4.     Ashley Cole is nearing his use by date.

Time's almost up, Ash.Cole may have fallen out of favour with Girls Aloud’s worldwide fan base long ago but English football fans of this generation have still been able to call him the best left back in the world…until now.

The left back has lost half a yard of pace and as a result hasn’t looked his normal self this season. With Leighton Baines waiting in the wings, and probably on the verge of a move away from Goodison Park, it seems sensible that Cole be ushered out of stage door left by Mr Hodgson.

5.     Roy Hodgson and the fourth official

Despite being blessed with arguably the worst set of England players in some years, the England gaffer isn’t beyond criticism when it comes to one part of the team in particular – substitutions.

Anyone watching the game last night could see that Tom Cleverley was being increasingly muscled out of it in central-midfield and it called for an elder statesmen – Frank Lampard or Scott Parker – to shore it up. Roy did nothing. Was he scared of asking the man with the board to put it up? Who knows…


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